What we believe

pexels-photo-267559As you might expect, we believe in Jesus Christ as the Saviour of the world and seek to make Him the Lord of our lives. So, what does this mean – are we a bunch of super-spiritual people who want to stop other people having fun?

Of course not! If you come and meet us, either on a Sunday morning or at one of our activities, you’ll find a group of ordinary friendly people, some of whom are probably just like you. Although many of us would call ourselves Christians, others are still having a look at Christianity or starting out on their personal spiritual journey; we try to provide a safe, comfortable, supportive environment (without any pressure) where this can happen.

Jesus did say that He had come to bring abundant life! That involves fun and hope and joy and it’s what we would like for ourselves and for others (including you!). So that’s our unashamed motivation for presenting Jesus to those around us, not by preaching at people but by trying to show God’s love as we live our daily lives. We know we don’t always get it right but that’s human beings for you!

The fact that our church continues to grow must suggest that this Christianity thing works. So, if you think it might be worth finding out more, do come and meet us; we’ll do our very best to make you feel welcome and you might just find something that transforms your life!