Kuffu Medical Centre Project

Kuffu grace Community Church Medical CentreKuffu Medical Centre Building

Fund Grace Community Church in partnership with Brandon Full Gospel Church, support Kuffu, a village in Uganda. The village has a history of suffering and deprivation caused by the despotism of Idi Amin, more recent bush wars and the widespread prevalence of Aids. As a result, the older generation of men are generally disillusioned and disinterested: much of their time is devoted to the production and consumption of moonshine liquor.

Andrew has informed us how limited health care is for the people of the village. Sadly, last year three of our church members died, Chris Payne, Joan, Pauline Coleridge’s mum and Joyce Coleridge. It is on Andrew’s heart for us, in memory of these three lovely people, now with the Lord, to build a medical centre in Kuffu, so that people will have better access to health care. The cost “all done and dusted” will be about £15,000. Whilst this is a vast amount for a small village church like ours, the equivalent in the UK would be several million pounds!

Please let us know if you have any ideas for fundraising however small or large either as an individual or as an event. Be creative with your ideas and Pray for Kuffu, pray that the Lord will bless our efforts.

On Sunday the 24th February we held a cake for Kuffu event after Church and £149.00 was raised thank you for all of you who donated (hopefully our trouser and skirts still fit as there was much cake and it was all very nice).

Bricks for the medical, Emma has been informed that for every £1.00 donated this will purchase 5 bricks and we will need 20,000 bricks to build the centre. So far we have enough for 195 bricks (£39.00). Thank you for all your help please continue to fill in the square on the sheets next to Gill and Bernie. It will be such a blessing for Kuffu to have a medical centre close by instead of having to walk for a couple of days to reach one.

Andrew will be visiting Kuffu later this year more news to follow 