Childrens’ church

Last updated on July 11th, 2023 at 04:06 pm


Children’s Church/Sunday School

The children join in with worship at the beginning of the service. From time to time they help lead the worship, singing songs and demonstrating actions from the front. Part way through the service, the children move into the classrooms for a special time of learning and fun.

We have two groups: ‘Lambs’ for Primary Aged children and ‘Lions’ for Secondary Aged children.

The Lambs generally listen to a story together, then talk about the story, do some crafts, play games and have biscuits and squash. We provide a variety of activities such as play-dough, fuzzy felt, painting, small world play.

The Lions read Bible passages and discuss them, do puzzles, and also have biscuits and squash. Though each session stands alone, we are generally working through a series of sessions, making connections, and getting to know different parts of the Bible. Recently we’ve looked at the Fruits of the Spirit and the Armour of God.

When the service is over, the children rejoin the adults for fellowship. Sometimes, they play in the playground next to the Hall.

New members and visitors are always very welcome.