Our Vision and Values

The vision for Grace Community Church in Downham Market is to live out the gospel, trying to demonstrate God's love as we serve our local and wider community. The vision is based on Isaiah Chapter 61 which you can see by following this link

Within this vision, our values are to:

  • Live Like Christ
  • Love like Christ
  • Serve like Christ

Our keynote is GENEROSITY:

  • Grace that saves;
  • Empowers;
  • Nurtures;
  • Excel
  • Ready to serve
  • Open and willing to change
  • Sacrifice for the greater good
  • Inspire others to be kind
  • Trustworthy and reliable
  • Yielded to God

Examples of the ways in which we are attempting to follow the vision are:

  • Serving young families through our weekly parent and toddler group, allowing parents and children to interact and have fun together in a safe environment - we currently have around 70 families using this facility.
  • We have four trained CAP Money coaches who have begun leading CAP Money courses, enabling people to explore the concept of being OUT OF DEBT as they learn to manage their money more effectively.
  • Supporting a development project in Uganda which aims to provide a poor village community with hope for the future through nutrition, education and training leading to self-sustaining development.
  • Participating in Churches Together in Downham Market to help with community events